Don’t mess with lil Madelyn or you’ll get stabbed with my almighty sword! GRRR!

Jus kidding, I’ll nom on your shirt and make rainbows appear with my sweetness… If I like you that is.roman.jpg


This item, Lil Roman, is a gacha for the Playroom Event (May 5th, ends May 31st) from Kylee’s Place , the outfits for both boys and girls, for the toddleedoo Baby and Kid body! The toga comes in 4 colors: Blue, white, purple and pink.

The gacha includes 8 commons, being the togas, the sandals, the sword, the shield, and the necklace. And if your lucky, you may win the rare which is the lovely headpiece which comes with a HUD system to change the color to match your toga!

❃ Hair ❃ LCKY & Sweet Thing – Thanako Hair Gacha [Brown #31] Comes with pink bows.

❃ Skin ❃ VCO – Doran Skin Gacha [#11]

❃ Shape ❃ Made Myself

❃ Under Eye Highlights❃ Okkbye

❃ Button Nose ❃ Okkbye

❃ Lashes ❃ Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes

❃ Body ❃ Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃ Outfit ❃ Kylee’s Place Toga in white, sandals, sword, shield and the RARE headpiece.

The Playroom (Is currently in the April round)

lil roman gacha ad- girls baby.png


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