Just Chilling.

I love my lazy days I do, and this dungaree outfit was the best thing to wear! It caught my eye when I opened my closet because I found my mousie friend in the pocket! Wonder how long I left him in there… oopies…



This outfit from Lil Cathy’s is coming up at the Once Upon A Child event (5th May) and features 4 different colors: Blue, green, pink and purple, with each color having 3 different designs!! And they’re all adorable!

❃ Hair ❃ LCKY & Sweet Thing – Thanako Hair Gacha [Brown #31] Comes with pink bows.

❃ Skin ❃ VCO – Doran Skin Gacha [#11]

❃ Shape ❃ Made Myself

❃ Under Eye Highlights❃ Okkbye

❃ Button Nose ❃ Okkbye

❃ Lashes ❃ Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes

❃ Body ❃ Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃ Outfit ❃ Lil Cathy’s @ Once Upon A Child Mousie Dungarees. Mousie included in each outfit.




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