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Quick Quick! Get your bums to Color me Cute and play the Snoozin’ Pillows gacha from Tic Tot Toe! You could get: Pizza {RARE} , Cats, Cows, Diamonds {RARE}, Dinos, Donuts {RARE}, Flowers, Giraffe, Lines, Nautical, Patterns, Rainbow {RARE}, Rocket, Roses, Shapes, Ufo. The event began May 15th and runs till June 1st!

Up, Up and Away to Color Me Cute

Go to Tic Tot Toe for more adorable things



TTT - Snoozin' Pillows Gacha.png

New release at Lil Cathy’s! The cutest, comfiest Pjs for those Pj days we all have some days, or everyday for me. Oopsies!

❃Hair❃ Entwined

❃Outfit❃ Lil Cathy’s Pj Day *Comes with Bunny used as prop here

❃Body❃ Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃Pillow❃ Tic Tot Toe @ Color Me Cute Snoozin’ Pillows Gacha *Lines pattern shown




Rawr :3 These cute bear capes, coming in a range of colors are out now at Tous Les Enfant which began on the 25th. So get on over and get your own cape!


❃Cape❃ Lil Cathy’s Bear Capes @ Tous Les Enfant

❃Underwear❃ Bad Seed

❃Body❃  Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃Binky❃ LPP Bunny Binky Petal

Up, up and away to Tous Les Enfant


Hallo Sparkles! Today I am showing the Beach Lounger and Beach Chair from Spoiled One Couture & Whimsical! Both of these are specifically for us toddleedoos, but can be re-sized and adjusted for other avatars. Available at Color Me Cute

Event starts 15th to 1st of June

They will cost 149L during the event, 199L when over.


❃Hair❃ BarberYumYum  66

❃Outfit❃ Here @ the Penumbra Event Little Toes Outfit

❃Binky❃ LPP Bunny Binky Petal


❃Chairs❃ Spoiled One Couture Beach Lounger & Chair

❃Doll❃ gO Love my Dolls- Majla



❃Hair❃ Magika Shimmer

❃Skin❃ Amitomo Diana 2-1

❃Shape❃ Kilig Gracie

❃Body❃ Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃Top❃ Turducken Cece Top

❃Jeans❃ LPP Ava Jean Shorts

❃Socks❃ Turducken *Came with the Cloudy Romper*

❃Bag❃ Birdy Little Chi in a Bag – Spot Brown  *GACHA RARE*

❃Sippy Cup❃ Maple Sippy Cup Gacha – Bubblegum *Rare*