Archive | July 2016

Here I am showing you the adorable new dress from Sugar & Spice, who firstly have just reopened with a new main store on the Bad Seed sim, and also released a new outfit, Madelyn Rae. Lily contacted me to say that my name was picked for this outfit, and I was ecstatic! This absolutely adorable outfit comes with a cute bow, the dress which the bottom of is sheer so it comes with shorts, a knotted necklace, and little booties which finish it all off.

Well done to Lily for another amazing outfit release, and thank you for picking my name! ❤

Get your own at the Sugar & Spice store now, choose from Blush, Sky, Mint, Daisy.

AND, if you purchase this weekend, it is only 99L!

Up, Up and Away to Sugar & Spice!





Geronimooo! I’m gon make the biggest splash any of yous have ever seen!

Today I am showing you all the Exclusive Siarah Family Pool at the Ninety Nine Event from Lil Cathy’s

It comes as a rezzer for you to place and then open, and behold! Your magnificent new pool for you and family/friends to have a blast in! Millions of poses, 299L at event, 71 prims.



This wonderful set of furniture featured is the ‘Walk In Dream’ Gacha at the Anklebiters event held at Lil Cathy’s. Don’t you want that dream like room? Well, run along and get yourself that dream room! 18 Commons, 3 Rares (All sized for Toddleedoo Baby)