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I have returned!

Hello, I took a relatively long break from second life to try and fix my life, it has worked a little bit but I thought it was time to try and get back into all of this and regain some sponsors and such.

Here is my first comeback blog!

Easter is right around the corner, a week away but I decided to wish everyone a happy Easter a little early! I also redid my avi and I think she is adorbs!~blog-1

Shape ◈ Kilig– Gracie shape (Highly edited by me.)

Skin ◈ AMITOMO- Diana Set (2-1)

Hair ◈ *Barberyumyum*– 66 (Pink)

Outfit ◈ [C@] – Vintage Flowergirl

Binky ◈ {LPP}- Bunny Binkies (Sky)

Bag ◈ {S & S}– Bunny bag (A 1L gift!)