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Pokemon Hunting!

Today I went Pokemon hunting and it was really fun cause I had my new iGo phone from Tic Tot Toe! I seriously think you should go and pick up your own from their gacha at the Gacha Garden.

It comes in three sizes, Kid, Female and Male.

With 13 different phones to get, and 3 rares.

Also here I am showing a new outfit from Kylee’s Place for Once Upon A Child Event starting on the 5th of August. Baby & Kid sizes, comes with the shirt (With a texture change HUD), overalls, shoes, and ears and tail.

Taxi to the Gacha Garden

Taxi to Once Upon A Child


Junk Food - iGo Phone GachaLil Fox Outfit Ad



Don’t mess with lil Madelyn or you’ll get stabbed with my almighty sword! GRRR!

Jus kidding, I’ll nom on your shirt and make rainbows appear with my sweetness… If I like you that is.roman.jpg


This item, Lil Roman, is a gacha for the Playroom Event (May 5th, ends May 31st) from Kylee’s Place , the outfits for both boys and girls, for the toddleedoo Baby and Kid body! The toga comes in 4 colors: Blue, white, purple and pink.

The gacha includes 8 commons, being the togas, the sandals, the sword, the shield, and the necklace. And if your lucky, you may win the rare which is the lovely headpiece which comes with a HUD system to change the color to match your toga!

❃ Hair ❃ LCKY & Sweet Thing – Thanako Hair Gacha [Brown #31] Comes with pink bows.

❃ Skin ❃ VCO – Doran Skin Gacha [#11]

❃ Shape ❃ Made Myself

❃ Under Eye Highlights❃ Okkbye

❃ Button Nose ❃ Okkbye

❃ Lashes ❃ Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes

❃ Body ❃ Cute Bytes Toddleedoo – Babygirl

❃ Outfit ❃ Kylee’s Place Toga in white, sandals, sword, shield and the RARE headpiece.

The Playroom (Is currently in the April round)

lil roman gacha ad- girls baby.png