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Geronimooo! I’m gon make the biggest splash any of yous have ever seen!

Today I am showing you all the Exclusive Siarah Family Pool at the Ninety Nine Event from Lil Cathy’s

It comes as a rezzer for you to place and then open, and behold! Your magnificent new pool for you and family/friends to have a blast in! Millions of poses, 299L at event, 71 prims.



Don’t you just love walking bare feet down your steps and onto the grass? It tickles…

I did that today in my new dress, I was told by Daddy not to dirty it so I was reaaaally careful. I went and put my toesies in the river water. Relaxing much?

Spoiled One’s Amanda Dress @ Ninety Nine – The dress comes in this single color, and will cost 99L during the event and 149L when it’s over. Event- 9th to 29th of June.



Feeling like a cutie in my flowery dress today, and I made sure not to forget my favorite little deer toy! I named him Henry Stuffles, he’s a silly deer…but I love him lots!

Vintage Flowergirl by Lil Cathy’s out at the Ninety-Nine Event on June 9th

Dotty Deer by Clove out at Storybook Fables on June 10th