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Geronimooo! I’m gon make the biggest splash any of yous have ever seen!

Today I am showing you all the Exclusive Siarah Family Pool at the Ninety Nine Event from Lil Cathy’s

It comes as a rezzer for you to place and then open, and behold! Your magnificent new pool for you and family/friends to have a blast in! Millions of poses, 299L at event, 71 prims.



Sorry for in-activeness 😮 been very busy lately with my medical problems but I’m trying to get back into the flow 😛

Who says you can’t daydream of being a princess, no matter what you have?

In this adorable outfit I am wearing

The Baby Diana Hair from Lil Cathy’s available at the Bricklane Gacha Event  * Opens on 20th. 50L per play. Common crown, 6 common hair HUDs, RARE includes hair and crown HUDs

Jayden Dungarees from Lil Cathy’s available at Tous Les Enfants *Opens 25th, Exclusive item



Don’t you just love walking bare feet down your steps and onto the grass? It tickles…

I did that today in my new dress, I was told by Daddy not to dirty it so I was reaaaally careful. I went and put my toesies in the river water. Relaxing much?

Spoiled One’s Amanda Dress @ Ninety Nine – The dress comes in this single color, and will cost 99L during the event and 149L when it’s over. Event- 9th to 29th of June.



Noooooo! I lost my bow at the beach cause of the stupid wind! Grr…

Check out this adorable outfit featuring

Lil Cathy’s Leia Dress (Peach Shown) Available in Peach, Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink/Purple, Purple and Teal.

Spoiled One’s Emily Sandals @ Once Upon A Child. Cost 149L during and 250L after so get down there! Event- 5th to 24th